Daydream Anesthesiology, Inc.


Daydream Anesthesiology is a group of independent, board-certified anesthesiologists, committed to providing outpatient anesthesia as a medical subspecialty. Each of our providers have vast practice experience following medical school and anesthesia residency training. Prior to committing to outpatient care, we each spent years in a hospital based group, taking care of patients in all surgical specialties such as orthopedics, pain, ENT, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, pediatrics, Ob/Gyn, and urology.

As a group we meet regularly and frequently share our outpatient experiences, which has allowed us to refine the art of outpatient anesthesia techniques.

The primary concerns we address are postoperative pain, and nausea and vomiting. Using emerging anesthetic techniques and pharmacologic advances, we have achieved a remarkable level of satisfaction. Rapid emergence from anesthesia, adequate pain control and minimizing nausea and vomiting are at the forefront of every anesthetic. In addition, an effort is made to discuss anesthetic plans with patients the evening prior to a procedure, as well as following up with patients after surgery. The result is surgeons and nurses, in addition to our patients, who admire and respect our results. All feedback we get is instrumental in working toward continuously improving our outcomes.


Our fees are determined by contracts we hold with health care insurers.

For cash or plastic surgery cases, there is a fee schedule.

Anesthesia fees are based on case time.