Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Did the surgeon collect money for my anesthesia services?

Some surgeons do collect payment for anesthesia services then pass payment on. When the surgeon collects anesthesia fees, it may be for the scheduled duration only, and you would then get billed for any overages. That is why you are asked for an authorized amount by Daydream prior to your surgery. You can check with your surgeon to see what arrangement they have.

  1. Can I chose where I have my surgery?

Surgeons and anesthesiologists are credentialed at surgery centers, as they see fit. The location of your surgery is dependent on the surgeon's privileges and the anesthesia providers that are credentialed at those locations.

  1. Can I chose my anesthesiologist?

We make every effort for you get your anesthesiologist of choice, if requested. There may be conflicts with scheduling, or unavailability on rare occasions.

  1. Can I request music in the OR prior to going to sleep?


  1. If my surgery is in the afternoon, when do I stop eating and drinking?

We ask that you stop eating and drinking after midnight, the night prior to surgery. If you have a case later in the day, you can talk with your anesthesiologist preoperatively about any alternative plans. Alternatives to "NPO after midnight" is specific to each patient and must be discussed ahead of the day of surgery.

  1. What medicine(s) do I take prior to surgery? Can I take a sleeping pill?

You should get a call from the surgery center and your anesthesiologist to discuss which medications to take the night prior to surgery and/or the morning of surgery. In the morning any medication you are instructed to take should be with only a sip of water.

  1. Can I brush my teeth the morning of surgery?